Sunrise Children To Perform At Sydney Opera House

On October 1, The Sydney Opera House is opening its doors for an exclusive performance to raise funds for Sunrise Children’s Villages Cambodian orphanages. MC’d by Ray Martin and with generous performances from Australian talent including David Campbell, Kasey Chambers, Beccy Cole and Jane Rutter, the event will also be injected with the vivid colours and textures of Cambodia, when 30 orphaned children take to the stage for a selection of unique traditional dance routines depicting daily life in Cambodia.

The Black Tie Pre-Performance Photo Auction reception will be held in the Northern Foyer of the Opera House at 6pm, where you will enjoy champagne, wine, beer, canapés and have the opportunity to meet Ray Martin and the special entertainers for the concert. There will be an auction of some superbly photographed images of Sunrise Children, taken by acclaimed Czech photographer, Irena Moore, when she was in Cambodia. This is just one way we can say thank you for all the ways you have supported the Sunrise Children and Geraldine personally over the years and we sincerely hope you can attend.

For the benefit of other friends and business colleagues who may wish to attend the reception and/or the concert, there is a special VIP offer available: VIP Black Tie Pre-Performance Reception & Concert: Cost: $300 (Limit of 350 tickets). Please note that A Reserve seating for the Concert is included in this price. Log on to the Sydney Opera website or phone 02 9250 7777 to receive this special deal and quote Sunrise VIP.

Concert Only: Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, Thursday, 1 October 2009 from 8–11 pm.
A Reserve Seats $89, B Reserve Seats $59 — Tickets will be available at or phone 02 9250 7777
Booking fees will apply for all tickets and some credit card surcharges apply.

This night will be a milestone in the lives of every child performing. We need this to be a full house, standing room only, sell out performance with rave reviews! When that curtain comes up we want the children to know how much everyone wants to be there just for them. Imagine how they will feel! PLEASE PASS ON THESE DETAILS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW AND ASK THEM TO SUPPORT US BY ATTENDING THE CONCERT.

It is vital that everyone knows that the costs involved to hold this event have been specially donated by our generous donors and not one cent of sponsors’ contributions held by the Australia Cambodia Foundation, Inc, has been spent to bring the children to Australia. In the current financial climate, it is important that no one is of the opinion that money has been wasted on this exercise. It has been a project in the making for over a year, to raise the profile and awareness of what Sunrise is doing in Cambodia and to give the Sunrise Children confidence, dignity, pride and a sense of how, through their beloved traditional music and dance, they can show the beauty and grace of ancient Cambodia to the world.


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