Asia Vantage

Asia Vantage Ltd, was founded in the year 2000 by Nathan Whitman, a British Ex-pat from London. After arriving in 1997 coming from a fashion and manufacturing background working in London he soon noticed the need for a supply chain to serve the Western fashion World with an understanding of brands, product standards and the working mentality and expectations. Asia Vantage Ltd. quickly became a force in the market place reducing lead times, costs and a better understanding of the customers needs as well as being able to offer the efficiency and work force of Asia. Not only is Asia Vantage able to offer a development and production capability through it's many factories, it can also offer a door-to-door service through its in-house shipping and logistics department. Our ethical and socially compliant factories offer the most competitive prices, quality and production lead times. With over 80 factories throughout Asia, Asia Vantage Ltd has the ability to meet your production and budget requirements. Our Hong Kong office is English run with bi-lingual staff for fast and efficient sampling and customer service. With over 15 years of experience in the region.

Hong Kong Office

Asia Vantage Hong Kong Office

Bangladesh Office

Asia Vantage Bangladesh Office